Black Beauty

My step-dad, Terry, helped me big time with this one and he doesn’t even know it.    I had no clue how to handle it, yet when I was at Home Depot, gave him a ring, I got a response, “well you probably need a 180 or 220.”  Ok, so what does that mean?  Quite impressed.  180 means fine sand paper and 220 means, well, I don’t know.  I haven’t googled it.  I bought the fine sand paper and got the guts to start this project.

After a little dust and a wipe down of paint thinner (also the advice of the world-renowned Mr. Fix-It (by the way if you need an amazing carpenter that knows everything there is to know about a home, let me know- I can give you a recommendation, wink wink)) I got the big guns out.  That’s right, the spray paint.  So here we have it.

Like a brand new car, little black dress (that never goes out of style), incredibly chic……..ok! ok!……..glossy black, small chair (fit for a toddler) as versatile as versatile comes.  It can be used as a side table (think lamps, books, coffee mug, houseplant) or simply for a little one’s room.

This one is located on Craigslist because I wanted to target the local shopper.



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